The Hopper Walker’s patented design uses two drive tires, working in two separate paths, to move the swing-away hopper.  This design works great on uneven ground as one tire is always on the ground.  The 12-volt motors have plenty of power to move the hopper, empty or loaded.  The 8-foot power lead makes hook up and storage quick and easy.  Manually move the Hopper using the Joystick control on the auger tube.  The Joystick will operate with or without the H1 or H2 Base Unit installed!  The all-terrain tires provide needed traction in many conditions.  For details on the different models, click on the H2, H1, or HM above.

Hopper Walker Overview Photos:

If you are driving Semis, the H2 is the swing hopper mover for you.  The H2 Hopper Walker features two remote controls, two stop switches, and a remote control work light.  Just drive up to the auger, press and release a button, and the auger moves under your semi and stops at the “unload” position.  The operator can over-ride the stop switch by pressing and holding the Manual Right or Manual Left buttons, or using the joystick mounted on the tube.  The remote controlled work-light illuminates the hopper under the semi.

H2 Model Photos:

The H1 Hopper Walker swing auger mover features one remote control and a work light.  The operator will press and hold the Manual Right or Manual Left button to position the hopper.  When the operator releases the button, the hopper will stop.  Extra remotes can be added to the H1 model.  The H1 can be easily upgraded to the H2 model.

H1 Model Photos:

The HM Hopper Walker model is our manual swing hopper mover.  The hopper is moved using the joystick mounted to the auger tube.  The HM is the affordable solution for the operator looking for a power assist to move the hopper.  The HM can be upgraded to an H1 or H2 Hopper Walker

HM Model Photos: